Players are not allowed to cheat and the decision of the Mimir’s Well Quiz League organizers as to what constitutes cheating is final.

If you think someone is cheating or bending the rules, please contact us as soon as possible-we have investigated such claims extremely thoroughly in the past.

Outside Resources

At the most basic level, players may not use the Internet or any other sources of facts (books, friends, etc.) during the game or during pauses in the game, for the purpose of gaining an advantage.

Players may not also look up other facts during a game even if this is not to gain an advantage as this may result in the player gaining an advantage even when an advantage is not sought.

This also refers to the resolution of protests during a game. In such situations, only the moderator may look up facts. If a player wants a fact to be looked up, they must ask the moderator to do this on their behalf.

Hands on Screen

Players should keep their hands visible during the game, and should not use their keyboard during the game. The use of an item to fiddle with can be useful in making it clear that players are not cheating.

Players may keep notes using pen and paper during a game. Players must show the moderator of the game if they are using a notebook beforehand, and should use a new sheet of paper for each game.

Game Information

Players must not tell other participants about the questions. Similarly, players should not attempt to describe the passage of the game, or to outline the course of the game, until they have been given permission to do so at the end of a given game week. Saying, for example, "the quiz got really tough at the end" is a significant hint.

Participants may not distribute questions to other players or non-participants without the express permission of the organizing committee.

Spectators are not allowed in games without the express permission of the organizers of Mimir’s Well Quiz League. Unless a moderator has been informed explicitly of said permission by the organizers of the competition, the prospective spectator is not allowed access to the questions or to games played in Mimir’s Well Quiz League.

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