Harvest League 2021 

The Mimir's Well Harvest League starts August 7th.

There's plenty of info below to find out more. 

Please share with your friends-its £3 off for you and £3 off for them for each new player you refer!
An exciting format, six weeks of quiz and great questions-all for only £20. Find out more on our website here.

Hear what our Mimir's Well Quiz League Players have to say:

"It's a uniquely fair and exciting style of quiz. They've also made the questions internationally accessible. Well-organized, beautifully run, and full of great content, I really cannot recommend this league strongly enough."


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"Smart, fun, and fast, my favorite weekly brain workout playing a serious quiz with people all over the world."


 I can see how much work has been put in to the questions, format and organization and it really shows. I really enjoy this format; even if you're the weaker player in a game it still feels inclusive and enjoyable.

Let your friends know you are playing!