Are the questions for an international audience?
Yes! We have had players from 23 countries play in our quizzes and we try to ensure they suit players from around the world. If English isn't your first language we can also take answers in your native language.
When is the next League and how does it work?
The current league is the Quiz World Series which concludes in January 2021.

The next league is the 2021 Snowdrop League which starts on 6th February 2021. You can sign up here.
How do I schedule games?
We'll send everyone playing the league an email every week with the list of fixtures. You can then co-ordinate with the people you are playing against to find a time that suits you. Use the form below when you've found a time that suits. More information on scheduling can be found on our 'Important Information' page.
How do I find games to read?
We will send an email to participants with a spreadsheet of scheduled games. Please check this regularly to see where you can lend a helping hand.
What if we can't agree on a time?
This isn't very likely to happen across a whole week but it can. As soon as you realize that you have a problem, please get in touch with us. If an extension of a day or two is helpful, we may be able to do that. 

If these issues can't be resolved, we reserve the right to ask people to schedule the game as a trio, but this decision will be made by the tournament organizers and is a last result. 

We also reserve the right to switch fixtures if this will help but again this is unlikely to happen.
Do we have to use Zoom?
We have found Zoom to have the best combination of features and ease of use for running quizzes in this format (screen sharing is easy for the question reader, etc.). However, in principle if the people in your games are happy to use another app, then feel free to arrange it that way.
Where can I discuss the questions?
Please do not discuss the questions online until given express permission at the end of a game week. We run an online discussion forum for all players each week on a private Facebook group where players share thoughts, fun incidents and interesting facts.
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