Scheduling Games

Scheduling Games

When the fixtures are released on a Sunday evening, please try and arrange your game as soon as possible by emailing the other participants. Participant emails are visible on the private version of the fixtures, but not on the public list of fixtures. Feel free to use tools like Doodle ( to find a time more easily.

Scheduling Issues

If you cannot find a time to schedule a game, please email us ( as soon as possible to see if we can find a solution. Equally, if someone is not responding please get in touch with us, as we may know why, or may need to prompt them.

Requesting a Moderator

When a time is agreed between the four of you please use the Game Scheduling Form on the website to schedule your game. You will have been sent a link to the output of this form- this is where people can volunteer to read other games, and where you can volunteer to read games, after you have played your own game in a given week.

Game Link

Shortly before the game, the person who is reading will send you the link to a Zoom meeting. You can then play the game. If the timer for the meeting elapses before the game finishes, you should be able to leave and rejoin the same meeting, or the moderator will send out a link to another game.

If someone doesn’t appeal email us

If someone doesn’t appear to a scheduled game the first thing to do is to wait. If they don’t appear after a couple of minutes, please email us ( so that we can try and find out why.

After 15 minutes

If they haven’t turned up 15 minutes into the scheduled game, the preferred option is to reschedule. We recommend that this is done for all games, held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week of the fixtures, unless rescheduling is known to be impossible. For fixtures held later than this, rescheduling is likely to prove very difficult within the week. In these cases, we recommend playing the game with 3 players after 15 minutes has passed.

Playing with fewer than Four Players

To play the game with three players, the moderator should read all the questions, including those in the seat of the missing player. After 15 seconds, each question from that seat should be passed, and the order of bonus should follow that on the scoresheet, as though a player was actually in that seat and passed every question after 15 seconds. This helps to ensure that everyone hears all of the questions in a week and also makes the quiz more coherent than simply skipping ¼ of the questions.

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